Something Blue

I love to see a bride show personality through her shoe choice. Its alway a pleasant surprise when I see a peep of color or bold print radiating from her feet. If your looking to keep with a traditional look, but would like to add a unique touch, your shoes are such a great way to go.

This pair of L.K. Bennet floral pumps are gorgeous!

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Hello Friday

Taking a break from our normal content to talk about how excited Robby and I are about the Super Bowl. Well…Let me be more clear…the Half Time Show! Continue reading Hello Friday

Jillian + Mike | Sportsmen’s Lodge

Ok cupid! This couple met the old fashioned way…on the internet.  Apparently all it took was Jill kissing a fish-head prop in her profile pic to catch Mike’s attention. After the first date, well the second date, no make that the 3rd date… an episode of Community and frozen pizza, love started to bloom.  Continue reading Jillian + Mike | Sportsmen’s Lodge