Hello Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you Lovebirds!

Robby and I had a jam packed day. We started by taking a surfboard work out at Sandbox Fitness. This class was  hard! Like I thought I was going to face plant several times…I did once 🙂 Followed by a delicious lunch at Amara Kitchen and then off  to a much needed couples massage. We grabbed a few shots of ourselves before heading out to dinner. This tulle skirt and polka dot heels are two of my favorite pieces. I wear them every chance I get. A few weeks ago I ordered this beautiful bag from Anthropologie. It was the icing on the cake for tonights’ outfit.  Hope you all have a love filled day!

xoxox Hello June Films

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Something Blue

I love to see a bride show personality through her shoe choice. Its alway a pleasant surprise when I see a peep of color or bold print radiating from her feet. If your looking to keep with a traditional look, but would like to add a unique touch, your shoes are such a great way to go.

This pair of L.K. Bennet floral pumps are gorgeous!

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