27th Annual Poppy Festival

Over the weekend, Robby and I hopped in the car and drove about an hour north to the annual Poppy Festival in Lancaster, CA. It’s funny to me this is where it’s held because there is a Lancaster, Pa {Pennsylvania if your wondering 🙂 } that I went often as a kid and the two places remind me of each other.


Cars lined up to get in, we arrived fairly early and was fortunate not to deal with any traffic. We purchased our tickets ahead of time…$10/ticket, but you can get them at the gate as well for the same price.


The entrance was full of colorful displays to take photos…


… so of course I had to hop in and robby grabbed a shot. If you’re wondering why I choose the P, just check out our last names 🙂


The festival was filled with music, food and arts + crafts booths as far as the eye could see. Robby and I could hear the music right away, so we dropped by to see what band was playing. King feat. Mel Booker was belting out “Are you gonna go my way” by Lenny Kravitz as we walked in.


Beware…if you are Vegan or Vegetarian the food options are somewhat limited. Meat is definitely a staple. Vegetarian, you could find some…Vegan, not so much.  Well actually, there was one amazing vegan treat, but more on that later. For lunch, we quickly stopped by a Mediterranean booth and filled up on dolma and an artichoke salad. Just as we were finishing, we could see motocross riders were warming up!!


This is the first year the festival had motocross. These guys were amazing! I actually don’t think I’ve seen this person. Well let me tell you, as impressive as it is on tv, its so much more in person.


On to my favorite part of any fair or festival, the arts + crafts! There were so many talented vendors. When you’re looking around, its sometimes easy to forget that everything is handmade. Beautiful paintings, blankets, trinkets, bags, pottery…just to name a few.





Top Left: Treasures Created 4U  Top Right: Fair Signs  Bottom Left: Blue River  Bottom Right: Hart and Hess

So that vegan treat I was talking about, this is it! Buko… a delicious, quenching, coconut concoction. This family owned company {woo hoo!} blends together fresh coconut meat with fresh fruit. As if that wasn’t enough, a heap of shaved ice is finished with toasted coconut.



So our intention was to enjoy the festival and then take the trolly to see the  Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve Unfortunately  we found out that the poppies didn’t come in this year 😦  That didn’t deter us though, and I’m so happy we went. I snapped a quick pic of the poppies displayed at the entrance as proof that they do exist. Hoping for a full bloom next year!


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