Hello Friday

Taking a break from our normal content to talk about how excited Robby and I are about the Super Bowl. Well…Let me be more clear…the Half Time Show!

If you know anything about us, then you know that we equally (well maybe Robby a little more) love Justin Timberlake. And when I say love, I mean LOVE! The second he was announced as the Halftime entertainment, we circled/starred/smily faced the date on our calendar. We’ve basically been following his career since his Disney/N’sync days. While I was drooling over the new pop star that had moves like no other…Robby was standing in front of the television learning every dance step. I’m sorry in advance Robby, but I think we should let everyone know exactly how much you idolize this man!

Justin…( saying this like I know him) best of luck Sunday. We will see you April 28th on stage at The Forum for the Man of the Wood Tour !!

To everyone else… enjoy the video below!!

 45 seconds in is when you can really see Robby. He’s in white, second tier of the V. Remember this was filmed in 199?. Let’s just say a while ago, so quality is subpar 🙂


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